Brand Identity

Value Proposition Consulting
We’ll help you figure out what makes your company better than the competition and the best way to communicate that message.
Logo Design
Our graphic designers will create a logo for you that holds actual meaning for your brand. We’ll create multiple concepts and work with you until we’ve created a logo you love.
Brand Book
Complete with an archetype selection, creative brief, and brand story, this brand book will help guide your brand messaging for years to come, ensuring effectiveness and consistency.
Target Market Testing
Who is most likely to buy your products or services? You can guess blindly or you can work with us to test your assumptions, ensuring that your company gets off on the right foot talking to the right people.
The packaging is the first experience your customers will have with your product. We’ll help you make sure that first impression is a great one.
In-Store Experience
A huge part of your brand is the perception that customers hold in their minds about your organization. What those customers experience in your store, from signage to how they’re greeted by your staff, will have a huge impact on that perception.