Fast Company asked four entrepreneur gurus to share what mistakes and pitfalls those new to startups most commonly make. They were able to whittle it down to 8 missteps to avoid.

In this article we will discuss the misstep of the “FEAR OF SPENDING MONEY ON YOUR BRAND

Most people don’t understand the value of investing in your brand and your own development. When you’re starting out, it seems like you need to cut corners and keep things cheap, but I’ve never regretted investing in myself, my skills, or my brand, no matter how tight things were.

– Lewis Howes, the NYT best-selling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and business coach.

The solution. It’s okay to skimp on inessentials as long as you don’t cut corners where it really counts. “Paying for really high-quality photos, graphics, design, etc. is really important as soon as you can afford it,” Howes advises. “The internet has made visual design really important for businesses.” The same is true for crafting “a strong, authentic voice for your brand,” he says. “Take copywriting courses, hire really good photographers, and invest in quality design to make your brand look amazing.

We at Aztec Fox Creative believe in the importance of a brand, and how absolutely critical it can be to the success of a small startup. We have seen up close and first hand how much of cornerstone of strong brand can define the success of a business. And how much of a better investment it can be if done early rather than later.

Think about those businesses that wait a few years to start focusing on brand? They may already have a logo, printed material, business cards. Maybe there is a banner made, mailers that have gone out, possibly a few calendars. That stuff is not cheap. And It may all have to be redone in order to properly fit into the position/identity/overall experience of the brand. Better to have done the initial branding than to have most of the work tossed aside later.

What we regard as the most important part of the brand is it’s digital presence. It’s 2018, we all know how important it is to have a digital presence. Everyone will google/facebook your business at some point (if not first), it is how the majority of people do their research in todays world. But just have a facebook page (doing the bare minimum) is not enough. Your competitors will out shine you, they will have a larger reach to a broader market. You need a professionally done website with professionally managed social media communications. If you want your business to stand apart, deliver a full digital experience instead of doing the bare minimum and you will see greater returns on investments.

So to recap, make sure you have a proper brand set up as early as possible, that includes brand identity, brand positioning, brand voice, and a strong digital presence, in order to present yourself in the best possible light to any potential